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VOICES OF THE SACRED FEMININE Internet Radio Show with Karen Tate

Voted one of The 13 Most Influential People in Goddess Spirituality

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About the Show

The long running internet radio show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine has grown and evolved. How? Voices of the Sacred Feminine....Extended Edition has been born. For the last twenty months, VSF has moved up the ranks at PIVTR Radio to garner the Number Two spot at the station, with listeners tuning in from around the globe. But we have heard your voices! You want to hear interviews in more depth. You want to be able to call in and ask questions. You'd like music. So that's exactly what you will be enjoy as Voices of the Sacred Feminine is reborn at Blog Talk Radio as Voices of the Sacred Feminine...Extended Edition.

Every Wednesday night Karen Tate, host of Voices of the Sacred Feminine... Extended Edition interviews women and men who discuss Goddess as deity, archetype and ideal, the rising interest in the Feminine Consciousness and Right Brain Thinking. At the top of the hour, hear WHAT'S THE BUZZ, timely news relevant to our shifting values and ideas embracing the Sacred Feminine.

Embrace the age-old knowledge that's been denied us for too long. Unlock your female tool kit and empower yourself as you learn long hidden truths. Discover what having denied a feminine face of god has cost humanity - particularly women! From your home altar to the voting booth, re-learn and re-think the ideals of the Divine Feminine with your hostess, Karen Tate, each week as you tune in or call in to ask questions of our fabulous guests. 

Call in Number: (718) 766-4662
Website: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/VoicesoftheSacredFeminine
Every Wednesday or Thursday Night (Show Time May Shift Between 6PM-8PM PST)

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Karen's Upcoming Guests


January 2016

  • 6th - James Rietveld
  • 13th - James Rietveld
  • 20th - Molly Remer

February 2016

  • 3rd - Ira Rechtshaffer & Normandi Ellis
  • 10th - Tom Hatsis & Starhawk
  • 17th - Gail Carruthers & Nadine Newquist
  • 24th - Duane Stjernholm & Tim Ward

March 2016

  • 2nd - Shaunna Aura Knight
  • 9th - Isabella Price
  • 23rd - Asra Nomani

April 2016

  • 6th - Pegi Eyers
  • 13th - Deborah Cox & Lans Smith
  • 20th - Gloria Amendola
  • 27th - Patricia Iolana

May 2016

  • 4th - Suzanne Taylor
  • 11th - Brenda McCoy
  • 18th - Jez Hughes

June 2016

  • 1st - Lauren Lipton
  • 8th - Heide Abendroth
  • 22nd - Michael Haupt
  • 29th - Robert McChesney

July 2016

  • 13th - Lauren Thyme
  • 20th - Charissa Iskiwitch & Karen Moon
  • 27th - Gloria Vlahos

August 2016

  • 3rd - Robert Cantow
  • 10th - Wendilynn Emery
  • 17th - Ava Park
  • 24th - Tom Evans
  • 31st - Pat Allen

September 2016

  • 7th - Heide Gottner Abendroth
  • 14th - Genevieve Vaughn
  • 21th - David Hillman
  • 28th - Laura Cortner & Bob Hieronimus

October 2016

Special Re-Broadcasts Mondays and Fridays - Honoring the Ancestors...Their Voices Live On: Lydia Ruyle, Olivia Robertson, Loreon Vigne, Ashphodel Long, Margot Adler, Patricia Monaghan, Isaac Bonewits, Layne Redmond, Merlin Stone, Diane Wolkstein, Deborah Mor, Shekinah Mountainwater

  • 5th - Laura Perry & Starhawk
  • 12th - Lasara Allen
  • 26th - Laura Eisenhower and Laura Shannon

November 2016

  • 2nd - Kris Steinnes
  • 9th - Jack Dempsey
  • 16th - Barbara Wilder
  • 30th - Carol Christ & Judith Plaskow

December 2016

  • 8th - Jack Dempsey
  • 14 - Ann Jones
  • 20 - Patrick McCollum
  • 28 - Amanda Yates Garcia

Jnuary 2017
  • 4 - Robert McChesney
  • 11 - Miriam Robbins Dexter
  • 18 - Jack Dempsey
  • 25 - Candace Kant


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