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Sekhmet Statue
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Remembering a Past Tour to Ireland

Drive Your Own Western U.S./California Sacred Places of Goddess Pilgrimage.... Made Easy for You with My Book.  A word from Karen...

Sacred Places Book

"Many of our troubles in the world today arise from an over-emphasis of the masculine, and a neglect of the feminine. This modern world is an aggressive, hyperactive, competitive, masculine world, and it needs the woman's touch as never before."
~ Eva Burrows


Sacred or purposeful travel, the contemporary version of ancient pilgrimage, is undertaken for many of the same reasons as in times past.

Humans still yearn to connect with ancestral roots, curry favor with their deity, or participate in meaningful activities that uplift their spirit or nourish their soul.  Travelers may be called to seek healing for their body and mind or broaden their horizons about cultures and peoples in other places, ultimately feeling more a part of the global family.

Often times these sacred pilgrims are seeking to validate their cultural or spiritual heritage, and  recognize  these transformative journeys as a unique rite of passage, an act very much in short supply in our contemporary world.  Rites of passage are almost completely missing from modern society and constitute one of the most important reasons for the pervasive sense of disconnection people feel between themselves and others, their communities and even Mother Earth.  These rites of passage help us reconnect and feel a sense of belonging, kinship and empowerment. On these pilgrimages we travel to sacred places where Divine and mortal meet, experiencing secular time and sacred time, ordinary reality and the extraordinary.

According to Karen, "The energetics of these places coupled with the preparation we make for each journey helps us connect with the deeper realms of body, soul, heart and mind, often providing needed guidance and direction in our lives. We often hear those we travel with say time and place mysteriously seems to dim, as pilgrims immersed in the cycle of past, present and future see history through a surreal lens."

So, if you are hearing the call, if your Divine Self is urging you to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, rituals, prayer and magical revelation of a sacred journey, you might want to heed the wisdom of your intuition and God/dess Self.

Let Karen lead your group to sacred sites around the world.

For centuries the most devoted Muslims, Jews and Christians have been making treks across the globe to Mecca, the Wailing Wall and sites important in Jesus' life. In the last few decades this tendency to travel to sacred places is growing, with Pagans and Goddess Advocates making their own contemporary pilgrimage routes. No longer content to take their valuable quality time away from work and simply sit by a pool, more and more the trend for people of all faiths is toward purposeful travel to sacred sites around the world which enriches their lives and nourishes their souls.


Petra, Jordan

Having traveled tens of thousands of miles over twenty years to the far corners of the globe, both individually or with groups, Karen is the perfect guide to help you lead, plan or select your own sacred pilgrimage.  Travel with like-minded travel companions on tours fully escorted for your leisure and enjoyment, taking the guesswork out of travel. Contact Karen at ancientcultures@ca.rr.com for more information about her tour guide services.


For months after the tour, I’m still plugged in. I’m getting the inspiration, I’m seeing the sites in my mind, and I’m still feeling the tingles! – Sharon S
The Goddess tour through Turkey was a great and unexpected delight on all the senses.  Thank you Karen for expertly leading us through so much rich history at so many awe inspiring sacred sites.  This was one of my favorite travel experiences ever.  In addition to stimulating our minds, you awakened our intuition through dream cultivation and discussion. The variety of rituals and ceremonies you organized helped me personally connect with each location and the Goddess within.  It was so much fun as well!!  Most highly recommend you and your tours to others. -- Christina B.
Words can only approximate and never completely capture my inner landscape but gratitude prompts a feeble attempt.  Thank you and Roy so very much for your efforts and allowing me to share in the fruits of your life's work and joys.  My life has been permanently enhanced by your sharing.  -- Samantha W.
Energy of the Goddess pilgrimage has lifted my demeanor and infused my being with an accelerated sense of joy and purpose.  My physical body vibrates at an accelerated rate and higher frequency.  I am immersed in an infinite sea of joyous life which I call Mystery.  I live within Goddess and Goddess lives within me.  All is Goddess and I am All.  I am unity.  There are no boundaries.  There are no seams of division or separation.  I am light.  I am the colors and smells of Fall.  I am glistening in the early morning dew.  I am bursting with Love.  My soul screams with exultation.  I am five pounds in a four pound container.  I flow from the Mother; I am her son. -- Danny aka One Coyote
Words just can't express it.  I'll never forget our journey chasing the sun. --  Nancy W.

Karen's Travel Tips

Having traveled across five continents chasing down sacred sites, one begins to acquire some savvy about travel.  You will find these tips, and many more, in Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations.

  • Deciding to make a sacred pilgrimage or plan a vacation requires a good deal of planning. Things to consider are the duration of the trip, your budget, your intention for the journey and if you are going to travel independently or with a group.
  • Traveling independently affords the most flexibility, but requires the most planning before you leave and during your journey.
  • Sometimes it may be less expensive to travel independently, however, taking advantage of group air and land costs should be considered.
  • Always remember to bring along bottles that seal tightly if you plan to gather sacred water.  Coke bottles or empty shampoo bottles always work well.
  • Your first trip abroad is not the time to test your limits of endurance.  Be realistic about your physical condition.
  • Pack according to the activities on your itinerary.  If you're going to be walking through cow paddies in farmers fields to get to standing stones, be sure you bring protective footwear.  Likewise, if you plan to visit mosques, be prepared with something to cover head, shoulders and bare legs.  No need to pack formal clothes if you aren't planning to go to the opera or theatre, and even then, try to use multi-purpose clothes to cut down on what you pack.
  • The tendency is always to over pack.  One tip I've come to embrace is actually bringing one pair of jeans and old t-shirts I actually leave behind as I go, making room for souvenirs and hard to find statuary for my collection.  If I need a fresh t-shirt, I can always find one from the local souvenir vendors.  
  • Don't pack expensive clothing or jewelry.  One never knows when luggage might be lost and never recovered.  Keep valuables and irreplaceable medicines with you. Never check them. Keep your receipts for items that is in your baggage in your purse or wallet in case you have to claim them lost at the airport if luggage goes missing.
  • Roll-up skirts and scarves can easily double for evening clothes rather than packing day AND evening clothes.  Later these items can even be used to cushion fragile items in your suitcase.
  • Camera supplies are often hard to find and can be expensive in third world countries. Bring back up supplies. Extra batteries, film, memory cards.
  • Remember to get your passport well before your departure date and remember your name on your airline tickets must match your passport. Visas are often required and are issued by embassies and consulates.  Check about applying for your visa.  If you're traveling with a group, your tour operator might provide the visa for you.  Be sure to ask.  Never assume.  Write the U. S. Department of State, Passport Services, Correspondence Branch, Room 386, 1425 K Street NW, Washington, DC   20524 for visa and passport information. You can also get a passport application at many of your local post offices.  Call ahead before going down to the office and find out their photo requirements.
  • The World Wildlife Fund prints a Buyer Beware booklet informing travelers what's allowed back into the country and what might be against the law.  You can call them for the brochure at 202/293-4800.  Remember not to purchase any items made from any part of an animal.  Our friends in the animal kingdom are not commodities.
  • Never take anything from a sacred site or treat the environment with disrespect.  No climbing on rocks, putting out cigarettes, or leaving your trash behind.
  • Be prepared that third world countries have squat toilets.  Ladies, bring your own tissues.
  • Understand the currency exchange rate before you depart. You might even want to make yourself an "At A Glance" chart to keep in your pocket.  Consider purchasing currency for your destination in the airport before you take off or in the airport of your arrival destination.  You'll need money for your cab ride to your hotel unless you've pre-purchased an airport transfer.
  • Many countries will not take U.S. dollars.  Though some will.  Don't take the chance. You will get the best exchange rates for your travelers checks at banks and Thomas Cook.  Hotels and other private businesses usually give a poor exchange rate. Some countries are using the Euro - others aren't - like England.  Know before you go.

Karen is available to lead your group tour and organizes annual and semi-annual tours you might want to join.  Remember, if you want to experience a Goddess-oriented tour, it is important that you avoid traditional tours which will not cover herstory.

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