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Japanese Goddess Amaterasu by artist Lydia Ruyle
Sun Goddess of Japan
Art by Lydia Ruyle

Offering an Alternative to a Male Dominated Society - aka Rule of the Father
Most of us have come to realize patriarchy - rule by a male-dominated society revering solely a male God - is not working for Mother Earth or most of the people on the planet. How do we counter beliefs that there is no option but the authoritarian father? How does society go about making a course correction? How do ideas that permeate every level of society from womb to tomb, boardroom to bedroom, voting booth to the workplace shift into a more fair, equal, and just world of partnership, sharing, caring and peace?
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Sacred Feminine is the new Liberation Thealogy of our Time
Christianity used to be "liberation thealogy" - but no more considering the Right Wing war on women and conservative predator capitalism destroying the American Dream. Pretty big hot topic in the news today! So, how do values of the sacred feminine suggest the way toward creating a more sustainable future for the 99%?
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Creating a Caring Economy
Goddess ideals, also known as Sacred Feminine Thealogy, are not just spiritual ideas. They filter into our cultural and political world. What ideas or values does the Divine Feminine's mythology or ideology suggest to re-shape the workplace or our economy?
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So This is What a Paradigm Shift Looks Like!
Are you feeling it? Do we seem to be on the brink of change? Discuss the signs and tipping points that are heralding in a new time. Why is this happening now? Discuss what this new paradigm might look like. Is this the long touted End Times?
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Making the Right Brain Shift – What??
Everyone is talking about thinking with your right brain and that right brain thinking is the way of the future. What is right brain thinking?

Does it have anything in common with the Religious Right? Why might it be the answer to so many of society’s woes?
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What Has Denying a Feminine Face of God Cost Humanity?
Our world is suffering from dis-ease. Things everywhere are out of balance and upside down, while justice and fairness seem to be little more than just words. Do you recognize the many symptoms of this distress? Do you know the causes? Who are the biggest perpetrators of the problem? What would a world with Goddess restored to our society, cultures and religions look like? How do we get there from here?
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Sex, Religion and Politics; Mary Magdalene and Eve Encompass All Three
Sex, religion, and politics; three subjects one never brings up in polite conversation. Mary Magdalene and Eve encompass all three. What theologians have always known but it was politically incorrect to discuss are topics not taught in Sunday school and better thought left buried. Mary Magdalene and Eve are two female characters whose identity, actions and image suffered in the hands of a Church fearful of female leadership. Mary was more valuable seen as the redeemed prostitute, rather than the right hand of Jesus, as the church sought to squelch women's roles in fledgling Christianity. Eve was created simultaneously with Adam in some versions of Genesis (first chapter verses 26-31) but was omitted from the Bible, suggesting justification for the subjugation.
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 Post DaVinci Code: Living the Feminine Enigma
Some would have you think those advocating a return to incorporation of feminine values are liberals or angry feminists. Not so say people in the know. Who are the new Goddess Advocates? Absent a bible of doctrine or dogma, what do they believe? Would Church leaders become irrelevant within a spirituality where advocates recognize divinity within, everywhere outside themselves, and believe they have a direct pipeline to access enlightenment or the Divine?
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When Women Ruled
Were there really matriarchies? Neolithic matriarchies suggest a time when societies practiced a balance of power between genders and principles of cooperation, compassion, and partnership prevailed. Respect for nature, children, sexuality, motherhood and women were priorities of the day. Life trumped death and power-over ideals. Principles recognized as “feminine” were valued rather than denigrated within society. What would a return to these kinds of ideals mean to the status quo, motivated by power and greed?<
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Mary Magdalene - From Prostitute to Priest
Why has The DaVinci Code really struck such an interest in millions of readers? On the New York Times bestseller list for years, with copies sold in the millions, the concepts within this fictional novel have shaken faiths and raised questions; questions some in power would rather left buried in the sands of time. The book and movie have enraged theologians and caused Christians to counter the influence with “truth squads” perpetuating their version of history. The book has been called the catalyst for renewed interest in theology and women's roles in the ancient and modern Church. Mary Magdalene has become a new role model for a new generation of women. Can transparency and discussion be so bad?
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Tipping Points Change the Course of History
History is filled with tipping points that changed the course of history. Riane Eisler, author and scholar, says only a small percentage of people can help cause a much needed paradigm shift. What if Antony and Cleopatra had won the battle of Actium and defeated Rome? She, a priestess of Isis, and he, the personification of the Greek god, Dionysus, would Paganism have been the over-riding influence in society today? How would life be different? Many books, manuscripts and papyrus were destroyed in an attempt to erase Goddess. What if the first printed book were not the Bible, but some other tome extolling the virtues of a feminine face of God? Would women still be chattel and second class citizens in so many countries across the globe?
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Today's Divine Feminine Movement is Not Your Mother's Feminist Movement
The Feminine Re-Emerges...and niche markets respond as the Feminine takes hold with differences and developments unlike the radical movement of decades past. New books, language, dictionaries, classes, events, travel, websites focus on the Divine Feminine. The movement has inspired new literary interpretations of early women and their roles. Degree programs on women in religion and women's spirituality are emerging. “Women in Scripture,” a new dictionary is in print. Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destination addresses the need for new language which reflects the growing movement. A Women's Study Bible has been published. Feminist commentaries on books of the New Testament and Early Christian literature have been demanded. Websites such as Magdalene.org and Beliefnet.com perpetuate the concepts on the Internet.
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Much of Christianity Borrowed from Paganism
Paganism had a great influence on developing Christianity, unknown to many today practicing the Christian faith. The cult of Isis and Osiris first spoke of rebirth and resurrection, cornerstones in Christianity. The images of Jesus on Mary's lap was co-opted from that of Isis holding her son, Horus. The Cult of the Virgin was influenced by the more ancient Goddesses: Isis, Demeter and Artemis, with Mary sharing some of these Goddess' epithets. No one can accurately cite Jesus' actual birth date so Church officials in a very calculated move, chose December 25th, a date first associated with pagan holy days. In another move to convert pagans to Christianity, the Church closed pagan temples and opened churches on the same sacred sites of pagan deities.
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Americans Making Pilgrimages on the Rise
The number of people citing religion as the main purpose for their travel grew 16.9% between 2002 and 2004 (Chicago Tribune, April 30, 2006) matching the percentage growth in total overseas travel. People citing religion as only one of the reasons for their travel and the growth was 22.5%. Why are people turning toward purposeful travel? What does traveling to these sites awaken in the individual? What are sacred sites and what do people do when they get there? What is Jerusalem Syndrome? Is purposeful or mindful travel similar to ancient pilgrimage?
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What They Didn't Teach You in Sunday School
What they didn't teach you in Sunday school and what the Church would rather you did not know have been awakened by the factual elements of The DaVinci Code. Intrigued by these revelations of the Feminine Face of God, more people are taking responsibility for their own education, asking critical and tough questions, and making informed decisions. People are awakening and losing their “sheep mentality” discovering alternative interpretations about history and religion.
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Is Goddess any Different than God in a Skirt?
Examine the principles of masculine vs. feminine ideals and the patriarchal vs. matrifocal principles. See how and when Western culture changed as the Church outlawed Goddess. Athena, represented a shift toward patriarchy as Goddess goes from Creatrix of all to simply an incubator for the male seed. This patriarchal paradigm has changed the relationship between men and women, the face of religion and politics and has prevented society from experiencing a balance in gender relations. Who has the most to gain from Goddess spirituality? Who has the most to lose?
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