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Internet Radio Show
with Karen Tate


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January 7
Sally Wagner
Sally talks about the life of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a courageous suffragette on the front lines of herstory battling for women's rights!

January 14
Deborah Lloyd
We'll delve into alternative energy healing modalities that affect people with chronic and terminal disease, help people determine what modality might be best to pursue, discuss if thoughts and beliefs affect the ability to heal and what role spirituality played in her own healing.
January 21
Giana Cicchelli
Giana talks about the powerful Peruvian Despacho rituals and real life success stories using this modality to affect change in one's life.
January 29
Lauren Raine
Tonight Lauren discusses The Masks of the Goddess - Faces of the Divine Feminine with Masks, Story and Ritual Theatre!

February 5
Kara Cooney
Kara tells us about Queen Hatshepsut's Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt and Kara's new book, The Woman Who Would Be King.
February 12
Cathy Pagano
Fairy tales are the simplest experession of archetypal patterns. Cathy will also share some stories about her favorite heras/heroines: Scheherazade, Dame Ragnell and Allerleirauh.
February 19
Nina Smart
With February 6th marking International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation, we have with us Nina Smart to discuss this barbaric practice suffered by young girls and women across the globe!
February 25
Jean Shinoda Bolen
Jean Shinoda Bolen, author of her newest book, Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Every Woman, discussing the archetype of Artemis.
MARCH 2015
March 5
Mary Electra
Tonal Alchemist and internationally known spiritual teacher, Mary Electra, discusses with us, The Power of Sound. We'll learn what "tonal alchemy" is all about, delve into using sound to heal, discuss where Hathor fits into all this.
March 10
James Reitveld
Tonight we learn about Artemis of the Ephesians: Mystery, Magic and Sacred Landscape with Dr. James Rietveld, the foremost authority on Artemis in Academia.
March 19
Yeshe Matthews
We'll hear Yeshe's ideas on why a matriarchy is better than a patriarchal system of community, how one can go about building a matriarchy, how men and gender fluid individuals can participate in matriarchy and she'll tell us why matriarchy isn't just patriarchy in the reverse.

APRIL 2015
April 1
Patricia Albere
Founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective and internationally known comtemporary spiritual teacher and author, Patricia Albere will discuss with us her ideas on the necessity for humanity's Mutual Awakening!
April 9
Adrienne Mayor
Adrienne discusses what she has learned from her extensive research about the legendary Amazons.
April 16
Selena Fox
Selena Fox returns to discuss ancient and contemporary ways of attuning to Planet Earth in some of Her Earth Goddess forms including Mother Earth, Terra, Pachamama, and Gaia.
April 21
Adam Gainsburg
Adam discusses with us tonight the 13 Phases of Venus or the Faces of the Inner Feminine.
April 29
Goddess Conference
Nashville, TN will host The Goddess Conference July 10-12, 2015. Tune in tonight to Meet the Presenters and get some free tips to Empower the Divine Feminine within you. Listen in or come to the conference and get the full scoop.
MAY 2015
May 7
Sabina Magliocco
Throughout history and in many different cultures, animals have been imagined as totems, spirit guides, divine messengers, even goddesses and gods. But how do we imagine our spiritual relationship to other animals today? Sabina is a Professor of Anthropology at California State University, Northridge.
May 13
Trista Hendren
Tonight we have a conversation with author and feminist discussing the new anthology, Whatever Works - Feminists of Faith Speak.
May 20
Giana Cicchelli
Tonight Giana discusses the study of Sociology of religion and how it differentiates magick and witchcraft from religion, and only mentions it when look at the growth of Wicca, and the Goddess Movement.
May 28
Andy Thomas
Andy is one of the world's leading authors and lecturers on unexplained mysteries and global cover-ups. He has written many books, including The Truth Agenda, just published in a new US edition, Conspiracies and the crop circle guide Vital Signs (nominated for Kindred Spirit magazine's Best Book award).
JUNE 2015
June 3
Ariyana & Kyle Matthews
Tonight we take a few steps beyond our normal conversations as I chat with Ariyana, a healer, consultant and channeller, and the author of Light Atonement - One Woman's Incredible Spiritual Journey. We'll chat with Ariyana about Indigo Children, Star Families and the series of revelations she had through meditation that helped Ariyana leave behind her multi-million dollar business to find her life's purpose. Also with us is Kyle Matthews, psychic and translator of Ariyana's "messages" or "light language" which - I promise - will sound strange to your ears - so prepare yourself ahead of time.
June 11
Lisa Barnett
Tonight we talk with Lisa Barnett, founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom and discuss what the Akashic Record can tell us about the Divine Feminine Mystery Schools and Goddess Temples and how it's relevant to us today.
June 18
Anya Trahan
Anya Trahan, author of Opening Love: Intentional Relationships & Evolution of Consciousness will help us understand and better transition. We'll learn tools to help us avoid "breaking up" and instead forge bonds with people or alter our relationships to help make them more relevant.
June 25
Larry Merculieff
We will be discussing Wisdom from the Elders - about what is a real human being, being present in the moment and in the heart as a way to heal and stay connected, when did the Sacred Masculine become disconnected and imbalanced and why and what Indigenous Elders say about disconnection and its relevance for modern issues, including climate change and other world problems.
JULY 2015
July 1
Ava Park
Ava Park discusses her 20 Minute Daily Empowerment Practice that she credits in aiding her in achieving so much success.
July 5
Karen Tate
On Father's Day 2015 I had the pleasure of being invited to address the congregation at Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church in Canoga Park, CA. As it was also Summer Solstice, my discussion was about the Archetype of Fire and a Salute to the Sun Goddesses, specifically, the Japanese Amaterasu and the Egyptian Sekhmet.
July 9
Charlotte Cressey
Tonight we're going to learn about Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a foremother of EcoFeminism I'll bet you've yet to learn about. Thanks to Charlotte Cressey, animal liberation activist, educator, ecofeminist and creator of Earth Energy Yoga, listeners will learn about this incredible woman way ahead of her time.
July 11
Andrew Gough
editor of The Heretic Magazine, a digital magazine featuring leading voices in the genres of alternative history, religion and science Andrew Gough discusses The Goddess Who Fell to Earth.
July 15
Carole Guvett
Carole is a medical herbalist and medicine woman who has worked with healing plants for over 30 years. We avail ourselves of her vast knowledge tonight as we discuss plant diet/initiation ceremonies, how she's developed these ceremonies, what people experience during the ceremonies and if people notice lasting changes as a result of their experience.
July 23
Marilyn McFarlane
Author of Sacred Stories: Wisdom from World Religions, Marilyn McFarlane and I will discuss how in this world filled with religious strife and mistrust, we might shift toward interfaith tolerance and acceptance and beyond that to welcoming a diversity of beliefs.
July 30
Janet Surrey
A Buddhist dharma leader and clinical psychologist internationally known for her work on relational theories of women's psychological development, diversity, mothering, adoption and substance abuse, Janet Surrey discusses her new book, The Buddha's Wife.

August 12
Gillian Cameron
Tonight, Gillian Cameron, teacher, artist, storyteller, parent and student of myth and archetype, also a trans-woman who identifies as a "mystic and magical being" will discuss the hot topic of Transgender Spirituality and the importance of The Redemption of this Maligned Wisdom. We'll delve into the role of trans people as shamans, trans people in folklore, mythology and religion, as well as trans feminism. Gillian will discuss her experiences with inclusion and exclusion in the Goddess Community and why Initiation Ceremonies are so important to trans people.

August 26
Tabbie Biddle
Women's rights advocate, writer and leadership coach, Tabby Biddle, specializing in helping women find their voice, will chat with me tonight about the importance of Women Finding Their Political Voice & What Goddess Has to do With Poliitics....two of my favorite subjects! We'll hear about Tabby's path to finding her own political voice and what Goddess had to do with women finding their political voice. Important to examine is how women can create new feminine pathways for political change, and how feminine leadership differs from male leadership. Partnership with men is key and we'll unpack that bag to find ways the genders can work together for change. Visibility issues are unique to women in the public eye and we'll discuss how they can overcome these difficulties, as well as why it's so important women wake up, lean in, and become more active in leadership roles, including politics.


September 2
Cathy Pagano & DeAnna Lam
DeAnna L'am, internationally recognized pioneer in Menstrual Empowerment, author of Becoming Peers - Mentoring Girls into Womanhood and A Diva's Guide to Getting Your Period will chat with me tonight about the importance of Red Tents as a Seedbed for World Peace. DeAnna will introduce the Red Tents to the VSF audience, including their indigenous origins, and explain the connection between Red Tents and World Peace. DeAnna will tell us about her unique experiences of women in Red Tents in the Middle East, as well as what's missing in women's lives and how women can fill this void and change the world

September 9
Michelle Hart
Tonight Michelle Hart, one of a handful of experts on the Mesopotamian Princess, Priestess and Poetesse, Enheduanna, will share with the VSF audience the important role of the first non-anonymous author of all literature. Yes, a real, flesh and blood woman who lived from 2300-2225 BC! Enheduanna was revered as the most important religious figure of her day. Through her powerful hymns to Inanna, the Goddess of Love and War, she changed the course of history and was remembered for centuries after her death. Her writing is so intricate, scholars call her the "Shakespeare of Sumerian literature." Her hymns function as multi layered incantations, interweaving political, personal, ritual, theological, historical and legal dimensions. And we'll hear about the possible connection between Enheduanna and the Pleiades!

September 16
Monette Chilson
Maybe you've heard the crazy stuff out there about Yoga and Meditations being practices that will enable the Devil to enter you.....Maybe that kind of thinking set your hair afire. Well tonight's show will soothe that fire. Tune in as I discuss the Spirituality of Yoga with Monette Chilson, author of Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga.

September 23
Tonight join us as we pay tribute to elder, Shekhinah Mountainwater with Syren, co-founder of the Skekhinah Mountainwater Memorial Fund and the Mother Grove Goddess Temple in Asheville, NC. Tune in and learn about Shekhinah's thealogy, her books, runes, tarot, music and moonspells. Syren will give us insight into Shehkinah's struggles as a Priestess and Goddess woman and bring us up to date on the revival of her legacy through Shekhinah Works, the Memorial Fund and other projects.


October 7
Tanishka Tantrika
Moon Woman as she's known by half a million followers on Facebook, Tanishka Tantrika, bestselling author of 4 books, and teacher of kundalini awakening for two decades chats with us tonight about Fulfilling the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy, or Rebirthing the World as We Know It. In our interview we'll delve into if its important to have a guru, what the Whirling Rainbow prophecy actually is and why it's significant. We'll talk about the simple things people can do to return to living in Sacred Union and what kind of changes people experience when they start aligning with natural cycles. And much more.....

October 14
Embara Maat
Have you thought about which Goddesses are the more "masculine" types and if they project more masculine energy or purpose, then where do their male counterparts fit into their couple dynamic? Athena and Ares, Oya and Shango for instance. And how do they relate to their passive counterparts? As in Sekhmet to Hathor, Oya to Oshun, Kali to Lakshmi. Our guest tonight, Embahra Maat will share her thoughts on this and other ideas.

October 21
Danica Anderson & Patrick McCollum
Danica Anderson, PhD, forensic psychotherapist discusses her new book, Blood and Honey; Secret Herstory of Women; South Slavic Women's Experiences in a World of Modern-day Territorial Warfare. Next, Patrick McCollum returns with an update on the mysterious and magickal story about Goddess speaking the incredible Violin of Peace.

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October 28
Dr. Marilyn Steele & Embahra Maat
Dr. Marilyn Steel, Jungian psychologist, author, speaker, and shamanic dreamer will define and discuss The Wild Feminine and why she's chosen to mentor to PrimeTime (50+ year old) Women. Embahra Maat joins me tonight as we cross the threshold into the second half of the show on the topic of The Feminine Yang: Goddess Manifestations of the Masculine discussing the "masculine" Goddesses and their strong energies and how they relate to their more passive counterparts.

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November 4
Ernie Garrett & Jeff Schweitzer
AT the top of the show Ernie Garrett discusses the failure of today's Hollywood films, the origins of ancient myths, how women and men react differently as groups to certain genre films, femininity in movies, how the modern age has changed the balance of power in the media, giving everyone a voice, and the dumbest thing you will ever see.

On the 2nd half of the show Jeff Schweitzer discusses who Will Investigate the Investigators, shedding light on the recent Hillary Clinton/Benghazi investigation, with an eye toward the tactics of the GOP and failure of the mainstream media to punctuate so many of the facts and the political exploitation from Republicans..

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November 11
Cathy Pagano & Charlotte Cressey
First up, Cathy Pagano visits us again, discussing the Cosmic Story, or what the cosmos is cooking up for us in the coming weeks and how it might be relevant to our individual and collective lives. Crossing the border to the 2nd part of our show Charlotte Cressey, animal liberation activist, educator, ecofeminist, creatrix of Earth Energy Yoga will discuss Embodied Love: Veganism as a New Paradigm of Relationship.

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November 18
Martha Densmore
Martha Densmore stumbled across Mary Baker Eddy, the iconic founder of our present New Age Movement.  Like so many women of history, she's been lost to the sands of time, swept under the rug in our male dominated world, but we aim to uncover and discover Mary Baker Eddy tonight on our show.

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November 25
Marsha Scarbrough & Phyllis Currott and Angie Buchanansan Hawthorne
Marsha Scarbrough, author of Honey in the River:  Shadow, Sex and West African Spirituality discusses with us tonight her personal journey and discovery of the Orishas, Goddess Archetypes of West Africa, all while under the influence of her babalawo, or Yoruban lover who acted as her spiritual leader.
Phyllis Currott and Angie Buchanan, prominent Pagan movers and shakers involved with planning the Council for the Parliament of World Religions will give us a behind the scenes look at this incredible inter-faith gathering that happened in October 2015 in Salt Lake City, UT, and we'll hear what's ahead for the next Parliament. 

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December 10
Cathy Pagano & Renee Starr
First up....Who's going to win the 2016 Presidential Election. Cathy Pagano, our resident astrologer tell us her best guess using astrological tools and years of experience deciphering the Cosmic Story!
Second up....On tonight's show, Renee Starr, author of the new book, You Are Woman, You Are Divine brings women Back to Goddess: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Woman, helping us refresh or perhaps learn for the first time what it means to become Goddess on Earth and connect with the Divine Feminine.

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December 16
Richard Wolf
Tune in tonight and learn how we've been brain-washed to think Capitalism is grand and socialism is evil and what we can do in the short and long term to fix things..

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December 22
Riane Eisler
Riane will discuss caring economics and why corporations would actually benefit from these practices rather than the predator capitalistic values employees have had imposed upon them.

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December 24
Shonagh discusses the importance of calling the wise woman back to a modern culture of people who have lost their way.  She'll tell us how to reclaim our l ost cultures, opening to the ancestors of the ancestors.

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