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Events 2010

January through July 2010
Cakes For The Queen of Heaven/Rise Up And Call Her Name

11 Class Series - Workshop on women's Herstory and Theology

SERIES ONE — "In Ancient Times"
Remembering the ancient world religious myths and symbols where female images and experiences were central and primary to life; exploring the psychological and social importance to women today of reclaiming our female religious heritage

Session 1 "The Sacred Female

Session 2 "In the Name of the Mother and the Daughter

Session 3 "Womanpower

Session 4 "The First Turning - The Shift from Goddess to God

Session 5 "Reclaiming Women's Heritage of Power

Series TWO — "On The Threshold"
Discovering female imagery/presence ignored in Judaism and Christianity; looking at the painful suppression of female experience in Western religious tradition; relating our personal discoveries/experience to our individual identities; exploring new world view/thealogy for the future

Session 1 "The Hebrew Goddess"

Session 2 "Sarah, The Priestess"

Session 3 "The Apostle Mary"

Session 4 "The Virgin Mary"

Session 5 "Witchcraft — The Burning Times"

Session 6 "Intentions"

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Esoteric and Mystical Phenomena of Sacred Sites
& the Art of Pilgrimage

Discussion and Slide Presentation by Karen Tate
Author of Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations
& Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth

Location:  Malibu - At the Sophia Temple of OLANDAR
3PM - 6PM
Cost:  $20.00
(No one turned away for sincere lack of funds)

Discover the Feminine Face of God through the art of sacred pilgrimage, coupling two emerging popular trends: the desire for purposeful travel and unearthing the long hidden and empowering aspects of the Divine Feminine found at her sacred locales across continents and cultures.

Sacred or purposeful travel, the contemporary version of ancient pilgrimage, is undertaken for many of the same reasons as in times past.  Humans still yearn to connect with ancestral roots, curry favor with their deity, or participate in meaningful activities that uplift their spirit or nourish their soul.  Travelers may be called to seek healing for their body and mind or broaden their horizons about cultures and peoples in other places, ultimately feeling more a part of the global family.

Are you an armchair traveler and would like to see pictures of Goddess sites around the world?  Have you been curious about the energetics of sacred travel and sacred sites? Are you planning or dreaming of going to sacred places anytime soon? How is the essence of Goddess different in her ancient sacred places? Do you want to learn what other devotees of Goddess have experienced during these sacred pilgrimages? 
Also discussed...

  • Places of healing, transformation and manifestation
  • What these holy sites offer both men and women?
  • Where can we visit sacred places close to home ? 
  • Discovering the Feminine Face of God around the world.

Sunday, May 16, 2010- Sacred Sites of Goddess: Esoteric and Mystical Phenomena & the Art of Pilgrimage - HerChurch San Francisco
Slide presentation - Discussion - Lite Ritual by Rev. Karen Tate
Are you a Goddess Advocate interested in discovering the feminine face god across cultures and continents? Are you an armchair or actual traveler and would like to see Goddess sites around the world? Have you been curious about the energetics of sacred travel? What devotees of Goddess have experienced during these sacred pilgrimages? Why sacred pilgrimage is a popular contemporary trend? Are you planning or visioning going to sacred places anytime soon? Would you like to hear how the essence of Goddess different in her ancient sacred places? Slide presentation with discussion both practical and mystical for the left and right brain with some lite ritual.

Sunday, July 11, 2010-.The Isis &Mary Magdalene Birthday Salon & Tea  
The Vintage Tea Leaf Tea Room in Long Beach

Join us and indulge in the Lady Scarlett's Bourdoir Tea
I hope you'll join us this year as we continue this tradition of honoring Isis and Mary Magdalene in July, the month of their birthdays.  And I'm sure you'll certainly enjoy the delectable edibles of the Vintage Tea Leaf.  Come dressed in your finest tea or priest/ess attire.  Men are welcome!  And when you arrive, pick out a pretty hat, boa and specialty tea cup for use during the celebration.

Lady Scarlett's Boudoir Tea Description
Formal service on a dainty two-tiered rack includes -
Scones, lemon curd and Devon cream
Choice of six varieties of tea sandwiches which will include:
*Avocado and black bean
* Crab and shrimp
* Tea baked chicken salad
* Cucumber and herbed cheese
* Artichoke, white truffle oil and creme
* Roast Beef

Hot and Cold Tea of many Varieties

We will have a special guest for the tea -- Brenda McCoy.  Many of you know her as Lady Brenda.  She is a long-time mentor of mine, as well as an Egypt tour leader, Priestess of Isis and the author of the new book, Wings of Isis, which I believe she will have available.

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Goddess Temple of Orange County Rev.
Karen Tate Leads Sunday Services

Saturday, November 13, 2010
Karen presents a workshop at Gaia Festival in Santa Barbara
Sacred Feminine for a Sustainable Future


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