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"While men represent powerful activity as assertion and aggression, women in contrast portray acts of nurturance as acts of strength." ~ Carol Gilligan

Attention Meeting Planners. Karen is available to speak at your Conferences, Seminars, Break-outs Workshops, and Conventions.  Fees are negotiable. Special rates for non-profit groups.

Spiritual and Cultural......

Pilgrimage and Sacred Places......

Talks accompanied by a visual montage of sacred images or slides are indicated by an asterisk*

Bible Ecology vs. Goddess Ecology

Goddess ecology stands in stark contrast to male dominated patriarchal religions and beliefs in entitlement to rule over women and Mother Nature. Synonymous with Nature, Goddess Spirituality offers a better way to live in harmony with each other and the planet for a sustainable future based on balanced development rather than continued unsustainable growth. Q&A

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Living a Goddess Inspired Life

Absent a Goddess Bible, beyond the Wheel of the Year and Wicca 101, this class examines in a very relevant way how Goddess mythology, Nature and spirituality offers ideals or a guide for living a life inspired by values of the Divine Feminine.

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Politics of Eco-Feminist Goddess Spirituality; A Thealogy for a Sustainable Future

Talk explores how the mythology of the Sacred Feminine, deity, archetype and ideal, might re-establish the foundations on our planet necessary for a sustainable future for all life and Mother Earth. How a paradigm shift into a post-kyriarchal world might be achieved using secular law alongside thealogical thinking. As such, this talk compares the values of Republicans, conservatives and male-dominated Abrahamic traditions with liberals and Goddess ideals, establishing how progressive ideologies of Democratic principles are more in sync with the spirituality of the Divine Feminine. If Goddess had a political affiliation, given our two political parties, She would be a Democrat.  Q & A .

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Shift Happens!

Women are on the rise.  Economics is trumping patriarchal religion to shape society and culture! Across the globe people are realizing the values of the Sacred Feminine and women’s innate qualities offer a template for a sustainable future.  Are you feeling it?  Discuss the signs and tipping points heralding in a new time.  Why is this happening now?  Discuss what this new shift might look like and why we have nothing to fear but fear itself.  Q & A

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Finding Your Sacred Roar

(Participatory/Interactive) When Patriarchy allows us to glimpse the Sacred Feminine, it wants us to see a very narrow and limiting picture of Goddess to emulate in order to serve man or patriarchyís authoritarian god. Weíre allowed to have the Great Mother if sheís docile and tame. But would Patriarchy have us reclaim the full meaning of Goddess if it meant embodying her might bring our world into balance and emulating her caused women to no longer serve the status quo? If we saw beyond the dew of compassion and the rosary and evaluated what else is hidden in plain sight? Associated with life and death, social justice, balance, boundaries, equality, peace, and sacred rage, the Sacred Feminine is calling us to action to right the imbalances of our patriarchal world. How do we know? Are you activated? Motivated? Can you hear Her Sacred Roar?

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Women On the Rise: Dusting Off Your Female Toolkit - Making the Right Brain Shift (Workshop)

A full day workshop including discussion, teaching exercises, meditations, ritual and interactive participation with students.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Why might the Feminine Consciousness, right-brain thinking or Goddess Spirituality be the answer to humankind's woes? Why is now the time for change? Do you have trouble connecting the dots between ideals and action? What are the planks of the Goddess Platform? Have you wondered how to empower yourself beyond your home altar? Do you know the values and ideals of the Sacred Feminine in order to incorporate them into your spiritual paradigm? How you might bring love into your life? Incorporate better habits? Reinvent yourself? Can you imagine what a world with Goddess restored would look like? Have you ever turned to other religion because you felt Goddess Spirituality lacked substance? Can the patriarchy be dis-empowered? How are women being called upon to make a difference in the world? How do we get there from here?

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Sacred Sites of the Goddess of Turkey

Having traveled over 5,000 miles across the sacred landscape of Anatolia, land of the nourishing Mothers, Karen brings you slides of sacred sites of Goddess including those in Istanbul, Catal Hoyuk, Side, Lagina, Letoon, Ephesus, Sardis, Troy - and many, many more as she did ritual at temples of Athena, Aphrodite, Hekate, Cybele, Artemis, Isis and Demeter.  Included will be images of artifacts within the Anatolian Civilizations Museum and views from inside the Hagia Sophia and  House of Mary.

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Sacred sites of the Goddess of Japan

Karen brings you to the land of Asia where Goddess was prominent yesterday and today.  See images of the feminine face of God in the many cities and towns of Japan, including temples and shrines of the Shinto Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, and Inari, the Rice Goddess, as well as other aspects of the Sacred Feminine, including, but not limited to the Goddess, Benten.  Mother Goddess artifacts from prominent museums of Tokyo will also be included in the presentation.  Hear about the rituals within these contemporary temples revering the Divine Feminine.

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Goddess Behind Glass Series*

  • Goddess Behind Glass... England and the British Museums
  • Goddess Behind Glass... France, Pagan Paris and the Louvre Museum

From her newly redefined sacred place, The Museum, herstory, spirituality, and traditional practices of Goddess worship from ancient times comes alive. Join author and independent scholar, Karen Tate, as she presents a visual montage of images in her ever-expanding series entitled, "Goddess Behind Glass," a visual journey celebrating She of Ten Thousand Names embodied in artifacts from sacred places and the finest museums around the world. If you have yet to travel "across the pond" to see these special images and artifacts first hand, don't miss this exclusive opportunity to view rarely seen faces of Goddess spanning continents and cultures. Statuary, wall reliefs, magical implements and items of devotion all tell the story of the Sacred Feminine across time and space.  Where applicable, also discussed are connections with the DaVinci Code. (90 minutes)

Other countries/regions to choose from include:  Ireland,  Europe, Japan, Middle East, Mexico, North America

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Images of Divinity...Discovering the Sacred Places of Goddess Around the World*

Author of Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations, Karen has traveled over across continents and cultures re-discovering the sacred landscape of Goddess.  She brings to the audience a worldwide glimpse of the many faces of the Divine Feminine across the globe.  Audiences can choose to either have a “round the world” slide presentation and talk or take a pictorial country by country pilgrimage as those attending learn not just about

the sites but the Goddess of the land and why she is relevant today.   Newest destinations include Goddess sites of Turkey and Japan

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The Art of Pilgrimage-Esoteric and Mystical Phenomena of Sacred Sites

Discover the Feminine Face of God through the art of sacred pilgrimage, coupling two emerging popular trends: the desire for purposeful travel and unearthing the long hidden and empowering aspects and essence of the Divine Feminine found at her sacred locales. 

 Have you been curious about the energetics of sacred travel and sacred sites? Are you planning or dreaming of going to sacred places anytime soon? How is the essence of Goddess different in her ancient sacred places? Do you want to learn what other devotees of Goddess have experienced during these sacred pilgrimages?  In this informative and experiential workshop come participate and start your inner journey....  (45 minutes)

Also discussed...

  • Places of healing, transformation and manifestation

  • What these holy sites offer both men and women?

  • Where can we visit sacred places close to home ? 

  • Discovering the Feminine Face of God around the world.

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The Sacred Feminine: Deity, Archetype and Ideal

Who among us isnít tired of turning on the television or radio and hearing how fear, greed and abuse of power is sending our world spiraling out of control? Who is not ashamed to read the paper and see what passes for the norm these days? Are there others out there tired of our leaders failing us and being part of the problem as they are immersed in scandals, lies, and corruption? Where are the guideposts and benchmarks that help us steer a healthy course?  Arenít you tired of waiting for a voice to emerge from the abyss to be our guiding light?

Everything old is new again. Whether you embrace Goddess as deity or ideal, as archetype or metaphor, the Sacred Feminine, restored to her rightful throne, is one answer, one method, one vehicle that might change the face of the world.  Why Goddess?  Why Goddess now?  We are the future of the world and we must step up, empower ourselves and claim our voices now.

First presented at the Claremont School of Religionís Pagan Conference and the Awaken to a New Consciousness - A World in Transition Conference in Phoenix.  (25 minutes)

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Founding Mothers:Goddess Sites of Washington D.C.*

Ever wondered about the Goddess sites in and around Washington D.C. and the possible connection between the Founding Fathers and the Sacred Feminine?  Karen Tate's visual presentation will offer some tantalizing clues - leaving you with few doubts the United States was never intended to be a Christian nation!  Find out why you should consider Washington D.C. a new Goddess pilgrimage site!

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Other topics for your group or congregation:
Dr. Rev. Karen Tate, an ordained minister is available as a guest minister for your congregation.

  • Gratitude & Compassion
  • Ideals of the Sacred Feminine
  • Partnership - Creating Win-Win Situations
  • Our Quest for Love
  • Balance in All Itís Forms
  • Freedom, Liberty and Justice
  • Prosperity & Good Fortune - Our Real Wealth
  • Change & Transformation - Reinventing Ourselves
  • Finding Your Authentic Self
  • The Liberation of Surrender
  • Kwan Yin - Compassionate Warrior Queen

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