Goddess Perpetuations


Daily Living





1.   I strive to be in service rather than in power. With service comes humility and care. With power comes corruption.

2.   I strive to live in harmony with Nature.

3.   I strive to employ kindness and compassion as well as ethics and integrity.

4.   I strive to be strong, tenacious and assertive, using force as a last resort, and then only tempered by wisdom, care, and discernment.

5.   I strive to be accountable and responsible for my actions and expect the same of others.

6.   I strive to not be influenced by power and greed.

7.   I strive to be generous, supportive and nurturing.

8.   I strive to work in partnership with others to create mutually beneficial relationships and associations.

9.   I strive to perpetuate positive thoughts and practice life-affirming actions, knowing that what I put forth will return to me.

10. I strive to be aware I am a thread in the web of life, a microcosm of the macrocosm, and as such I affect others.

11. I strive for equality and human rights for all, no matter one's sexual orientation, race, religion or gender.

12. I strive to seek the beauty, joy and pleasures of life.

13. I strive to be grateful and know abundance, with no fear of scarcity.

14. I strive to know myself.

15. I strive to embrace diversity and tolerance for in Goddess' many faces, skin colors, sizes and shapes I see richness and have no fear.

16. I strive to honor all living things, including myself, and seek to harm none.

17. I strive to see the Divine in myself and all things, including the mundane.

18. I strive to recognize there is no one way to define, embrace or worship the Divine.

19. I strive to seek my own best path to the Divine.

20. I strive to be one with the Divine.


By:  Rev. Karen Tate

Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations, available now,

and Walking An Ancient Path  (due in bookstores Summer 2008)