Walking an Ancient Path Book Cover

Karen Tate provides something no other writer can do. She brings together the heart and eye of a priestess, the expertise of a travel guide, and the point of view of a woman who has been through all the ups and downs, the politics and pettiness as well as the sincere and passionate devotion in the modern day Goddess and women’s spirituality movement.

Her descriptions of each Goddess site give a well-grounded, tangible sense of the reality of that particular Goddess, evoking the reality of how She lived in the hearts and cultures of peoples past, and leaving no doubt that She lives in the land today. When Karen Tate writes about a Goddess or one of Her ancient sites, she does so from the perspective of someone who has a personal relationship with the Goddess, and she shares that personal relationship. She combines this with her personal passion and the varied facets of being a priestess of the Goddess today, and this way creates a tapestry with colors from modern day reaching back into antiquity.

I know Karen personally and know that this inclusiveness is a hallmark of who she is, as a woman and as an advocate of the Goddess. Her comprehensive, broad perspective is highly valuable for the reader, be it a woman who has been on the Goddess path for years or a woman who is new to it. The personal, experienced encounters Karen presents in the context of sound scholarship, makes a unique and invaluable contribution to our modern day understanding of the Goddess and our need for Her power, presence and compassion in the world today. --

VajraMa, Founder of the Ancient Future Sisterhood & Southern Oregon Temple of the Goddess