Walking an Ancient Path Book Cover

"Walking An Ancient Path might have a subtitle of "into the modern world".Karen Tate's book reads like an entertaining novel which is hard to put down. "Just one more chapter" you'll think to yourself. As an experienced travel guide on sacred sites tours, Karen is adept at describing all the interesting small details of foreign places; the sights, sounds, fragrances, and people of a place. I'm not a traveler so I was quite captivated to be taken on an intimate journey to (for instance)the Goddess Brigid's sacred well of healing water in Liscanor, Ireland and to "see" both Pagan and Christian offerings left there by spiritual pilgrims. She also describes the "spirit trees" that you might otherwise just drive by, trees that are even today covered with "clooties", which are strips of cloth representing individual prayers, and which show us that Goddess recognition is alive and well in Celtic lands. We also travel to Goddess temples in Anatolia(Turkey), Egypt, and Rome to understand the psychology of those long ago who worshiped the feminine Source of Life, and to feel their spirituality as our own. On these journeys Karen is not one to just describe the outer pathway, she also shares her personal journey of faith along the way, and like all of us, she has her moments of doubt. The doubt is always answered by the magic of synchronistic happenings, the way it is for all of us when we are open to receive divinity as a normal part of life. Don't forget to read her story of her ring's disappearance on a trip and its reappearance in a very startling place.(page 227) I learned something useful for my own area of work, which is the stories of Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Union, from the trip to the Anatolian city dedicated to Aphrodite, called Aphrodiasias.There is a statue of Aphrodite with a crown/headdress made of a wall and column, honoring her role as protectoress of the city. One of Mary Magdalene's titles is "Watchtower" and "Stronghold of the Flock", as protector of the people. Same idea, same symbolism. "The Divinine Feminine or Goddess Spirituality Movement is probably one of the most important grassroots movements on the planet today. With this impetus, it is the hope of the movement's advocates, the world can be transformed and the future of many improved across the globe." I noticed that Amazon has paired Karen's book with Jean Shinoda Bolen's Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World, another book on the same subject of the urgent need for feminine values to gain prominance in the world. It's our only way forward into the New Creation and Karen Tate is one of the ones who is showing the way."

Joan Norton, Author The Mary Magdalene Within