Walking an Ancient Path Book Cover

"Karen’s book was my summer companion in Italy this year underneath cool pine boughs and baking volcanic beaches. Written in an immediately accessible and flowing style, the first thing that struck me was the way the book was organised as it is divided into Five sections, corresponding to Spirit and the Four Elements. This helps to give the text an extraordinary depth and makes all that she writes easy to incorporate in any magical system. Karen’s main focus is on rediscovering the Divine Feminine through an exploration of Her influence throughout human history (and pre-history) as well as the natural world. I particularly enjoyed the chapter about Isis in Pompeii. But her work is much more than a mere history (herstory) lesson for there are many chapters devoted to personal and spiritual growth backed by relevant, beautifully poetic meditations and ritual elements. Throughout, Karen relates much of her own personal experience. She gives much of her life story and many readers will identify with her spiritual journey from the confines, rigidity and paternalism of Christian religion to becoming a Goddess Advocate and a Priestess of the Sacred Feminine, as well as later chapters where she talks of the power of prayer and coping with loss. But more than this, these writings are interspersed with richly studded accounts of rituals and performances, like Aphrodite on the beach or the Isidis Navigium Ritual, that she has attended or led, providing a rich source of ideas that can be incorporated into one’s own magical practice. The impression I was left with was not only of someone who lives and breathes a well travelled magical life, but of someone who, through their own experience, can show others the way. The book is generously illustrated with many pictures from Karen’s personal photo collection that are not available elsewhere. As well as being of interest for their depictions of historic sites they are also another fascinating and useful source of ritual and decorative ideas. Too few books of this nature carry pictures of costumes, altars and ritual practice and Karen has set a standard that others would do well to follow. Pino’s Verdict: A thoroughly original and poetic work, brimming with practical applications and most warmly recommended to all.

Pino Longchild Magickal Light Ezine