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“Walking an Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth,” by Karen Tate, is infused with the spirit of the pre-Christian world, a place where worship of the female voice was foundational to the education, defense and advancement of classical society---the very same society that created the west’s first democracy. Karen’s knowledge of ancient cult and archaeology will impress critics and academics alike, but her heartfelt understanding of the essence and power of ancient temple worship is as comforting as it is rare. Her writing is profoundly empathic, and her reliance upon ancient texts and archaeological evidence is the basis for her genuine appreciation of the important place of goddess worship in history.

Lacking her tangible empathy for the real influence of goddesses like Earth, Isis, Sekhmet, and Aphrodite, many modern scholars fail to achieve her genuinely “pagan” or pre-Christian understanding of classical cults. We moderns attempt to comprehend antiquity while looking through the historical lens of an aggressively patriarchal Christianity, a mistake that clouds our understanding of these very same goddesses.

“Walking an Ancient Path” burns through two thousand years of cultural prejudices in order to get to the heart of goddess veneration and its tremendous value for the modern world. It’s author has respectfully resurrected some of the most important premises of the ancient world, including the power of the sacred feminine. “Walking an Ancient Path” should be on the reading list of anyone interested in the divine feminine as seen through the eyes of a priestess, practitioner or average cult attendant. Her perspective is unique because it helps its reader to see the world through the experiences of a follower of the Goddess herself, rather than a casual observer of history. In doing so, it graces Tate's writing with true authenticity; it contains a message worthy of the pagan world itself. Her work is invigorating, and merits the praise of the very same artists and philosophers on whom she relies for her evidence.

Most importantly, Karen Tate’s audience should understand that the arguments, perspectives and lifestyles presented in her work would have gotten her arrested, tortured and/or killed, in many different places of the world and at many different times in history. “Walking an Ancient Path” is an immensely pleasurable and enlightening journey that stands boldly against the patriarchal denigration of the divine feminine."

Dr. D. C. A. Hillman, Phd Author of The Chemical Muse: Drug Use and the Roots of Western Civilization