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Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations is more than a travel book; it is an encyclopedia of Goddess allowing one to visit her sacred sites and discover Goddess culture around the world from the comfort of your armchair.

Discover a book 20,000 years in the making!Travel with author Karen Tate as she examines the varied Divine Feminine traditions as old as the Neolithic temples of Malta or as new as the Goddess Temple of Orange County, in locations as inaccessible as Sedna's Watery Domain near the Arctic Circle or as crowded as Ueno Park in downtown Tokyo.  Meticulously researched, clearly written and comprehensively documented, this book explores the rich tapestry of Goddess worship from prehistoric cultures to modern academic theories.  Consider the amazing similarities between age-old pagan rituals and those associated with contemporary religions.

On the heels of finding out that the J. Paul Getty Villa Museum bookstore was planning to carry Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations, Karen received news that the Joseph Campbell Foundation bookstore was also planning to carry her book.  Below is Stephen Gerringer's exuberant recommendation:

"I congratulate you on the concept, Karen, and on its execution. Pilgrimage is a neglected aspect of most contemporary Western religions; not only are you restoring that concept, but you've taken the Goddess out of the hallowed halls of academia, out of the abstract realms of the psyche, to locate Her in the physical world. Your book is well written, well-researched, and is a resource I'll be consulting on a regular basis.  What's more, your work is a marvelous manifestation of what Joseph Campbell intends when he advises us to "Follow your bliss." Thank you for catching that spark and spreading the vision."

Metaphorically Yours,
Stephen Gerringer
Joseph Campbell Foundation

"Author Karen Tate has amassed an extraordinary amount of colorful and practical information on 108 Sacred Places that have as their focus, the Divine Feminine, the Goddess in her many forms.  With Karen as your guide, you will not only understand how to get to your destination, but you will be armed with extensive historical, archaeological and religious facts that will enrich your traveling experience.  The more commonly known sites such as those in England, France, Greece, Malta and Turkey are covered but many lesser known sites such as "the ancient cities of Leptis Magna," in Libya that has intact temples dedicated to Cybele and Artemis are also covered.  Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, South America, the West Indies, Mexico, and North America are all included in this ground breaking new work from Karen Tate.  Highly Recommended!"   

-  Jennifer Reif, Author of "Mysteries of Demeter; Rebirth of the Pagan Way," "The Magical Crone; Celebrating the Wisdom of Later Life," Morgan LeFay's Book of Spells and Wiccan Rites," and "Aphrodite's Riddle."

"A revealing, useful, and enthusiastically recommended (series) for the vacationer seeking to fulfill their spiritual as well as their recreational yearnings."  - Midwest Book Review

" 108 Places that stir the soul." - Chicago Tribune

"It's enough to amplify the spiritual wanderlust of even the most ardent sojourner." - Yoga Journal

Karen's book is wonderfully written, lucid, easy to understand, with incredible photos. I have the good fortune to be one of her friends as well. We have known each other about 9 years and I have attended her Isis Navigatums and some of her rituals. We are connected through several Egyptian goddesses -- Isis, Hathor and Sekhmet. Karen has literally lived her 2 books WALKING AN ANCIENT PATH and her first one, SACRED PLACES OF GODDESS, transformed her life through sacred rituals, immersed herself in sacred sites, created personal relationships with goddesses, lives in her own Temple, etc. She walks her talk!! Through her books one can begin (or continue) a path of Right Action, healing oneself, and the planet, and learning about the Goddess. I cannot recommend her books more highly!!

Lauren O. Thyme, Author of
The Lemurian Way

This book is not the usual popular archaeology offering on the subject. It is a combination of that and a travel guide as well---so you not only learn the historic and mythological background on the various ancient sites, but are supplied with current information on how to get there. The coverage is impressive. Karen even briefly mentions the ruined shrine of Astarte at Aphaca in Lebanon which is the ancient source of the pre-Christian (Canaanite) Holy Grail legend according to anthropologist Jesse Weston (From Ritual to Romance). This beautiful natural site, where hundreds of Goddess worshipers were massacred by emperor Constantine's soldiers in the 4th century, is still venerated by local Pagans but has been almost completely forgotten by the Neo-Pagans of America and Europe.  Hopefully Karen's book will go through several updates as time goes by and thus it will continue to be carried along on sacred grad tours for years to come.

Reviewed by Poke Runyon
Producer: The Rites of Magick

Karen Tate weaves wonderful stories of how present day women and men experience sacred sites of the divine Mother. She encourages our imaginations to actually be in those locations. She gives us information and images about how these Goddesses were venerated in another era and how their power still affects worshippers and travelers today.

In her guidebook, she takes the reader to sacred places everywhere around the globe, introducing contemporary and past theories, connecting the dots about how the Goddess went from one area of the world to another. Within each site discussion of sacred locations she brings activism or ecofeminist issues into the mix in her sections entitled Gaia Alert! She also discusses sexual practices, economies, artifacts, etc. Of course, given my own interests, I was lost in her interpretation of the Goddesses of Israel, their location of artifacts and the interconnection to the Christian Madonna. Reading this material leaves me aching to visit soon. But before taking off to these exotic locations she reminds us that some of these sites are in our own backyard!

This is much more than a travel book, this should be a reference book in anyone's home library with an interest in history, archeology, mythology, philosophy, spirituality and travel. Through clear and concise academic references and her recorded experiences, she adds further spice to the recipe by including how to guide oneself to remote or difficult to find sites. I encourage this book for oneself or to purchase as a gift.

Reviewed by Jayne DeMente, MA
Founder and Director, Women's Heritage Project

This is an amazing book!! The author has done a wonderful job, the book is extremely well organized, structured and laid out. Her writing style is straight forward and I felt as if she was there talking just to me. I especially liked the infomation in the indroduction on safety tips. This is more than a guide book that puts the foucus on the spirtuality of each site, but one that provides scholarly infomation and history of the sites as well. Included as well are Gaia Alerts, which put the focus on the environment and Goddess Foucus side panels, which provide even more information about certain sites. Her vivid description and information on the birthplace of Aphrodite was fascinating and totally new to me even though I have been studying and practising Goddess spirituality for 16 yrs. I am ready to begin a jouney to visit Goddess with this book as my guide.

Juliette Ashmoon, Elder Priestess
Writer for The Beltane Papers

After reading this book, I understand why people hole up in living room recliners with travel books. You feel like you have a friend named Karen leading you by the hand around the world to the Goddess. You actually feel you're inside Hina's Cave in Hawaii, or inside the Temple of Hera on the Island of Samos, or gazing at the Labyrinth in Britain's Glastonbury Tor. This book is dense with fascinating female-deity facts and blocks of solid info backed up by a 12-page bibliography. It's also packed with photos, drawings and maps, too - at least one to every page spread. I'm keeping this book handy as a reference source as well as a source of travel ideas.

Jeri L Studebaker, Author of Switching to Goddess

Books can be purchased/ordered from local bookstores or on-line booksellers such as Amazon.com.  Available to booksellers from Ingram, Baker & Taylor.  Distributed to the trade by Independent Publishers (800) 888-4741. 

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